Get ready to enjoy outdoor living at its best with our exceptional lawn keeping services. From safe weed control to sprinkler blowouts, we have you covered. Since every yard is different, we diagnose the proper treatment for your landscape, lawn, trees and pests. Let our lawn care technicians set up the right program and schedule for you.


Raking leaves isn’t just about keeping your yard tidy, it’s about keeping your lawn and plants healthy. When your yard is smothered in a thick layer of leaves you run the risk of creating snow mold and brown patches. Ensure your yard gets the water, nutrients, and air flow it needs, by letting us rake and remove your fallen leaves for recycling.


We have aeration down to a science. By removing unneeded thatch, you’ll improve fertilizer and water absorption, allowing deeper roots to develop. The deeper the roots, the more tolerant your lawn will be to heat and drought (great for those dry Idaho summers). Let us help you create a more resilient lawn.


Looking to keep bare ground bare? Weeds and grass can quickly sprout up and takeover without a pre-emergent spray. Unlike some other pre-emergent herbicides, ours won’t harm existing plants or trees. Let us help you get rid of unwanted grass and weeds, safely.



Not only do we mow your lawn like a champ, we also pick up after ourselves. If you’re looking for perfect grass lines and clippings-free patios and sidewalks, we’re your guys.


Looking to keep your lawn green and weed free? Our fertilizer and broadleaf weed control spray provides the best of both worlds. Plus, our safe formula will have your kids and pets rolling around on the grass in no time.


Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds have a way of poking up through even the most manicured lawns. Let our safe, foliar spray get those weeds where it hurts them most, straight through the leaves.


Crabgrass and Spurge Weed Control

Every summer they come back with a vengeance, the dreaded crabgrass and spurge. Schedule our safe pre-emergent in early spring, and they won’t stand a chance.

Insect and Pest Control

Once insects and pests find a warm place to live, they can quickly repopulate by the thousands. Don’t let your home be taken over. Let us treat your foundation, entry doors, and windows to keep (disease, pest, fungus) outside where they belong.

Sulfur Application

The nutrients your lawn needs for healthy growth may already be present in your soil but unfortunately unabsorbable. By applying sulfur to your lawn, we help unlock these nutrients so grass roots can absorb them properly. Let us help your lawn perform its best.




Guilty of over pruning? When you over prune you weaken the plants ability to make food. And, if you cut incorrectly, you can increase the chance of pests and diseases accessing your tree or shrub. Let our pruning masters ensure your plants remain in a natural, healthy condition.

Spring Pruning

Our pruning masters provide Lawn Keeper’s traditional Pruning Service plus a Spring Clean Up: raking, weeding, mowing, trimming, debris removal and more.

Healthy Tree Injections

It takes more than water to keep a tree healthy. We provide a root injection in the fall to ensure your trees receive the nutrients they need during those harsh Idaho winters. And, to combat tree bugs and disease, we provide an injection directly in the trunk. If you’re looking for accurate, effective tree injections, you’re going to want to give ours a try.



Sprinkler Blowout

If you live in Idaho, make sure you winterize your sprinkler system before the first freeze. With our unpredictable weather, we recommend scheduling by October at the latest to prevent cracked pipes, ruined seals and broken valves come spring. If you don’t feel like messing with hidden valves, air compressors, and insulation; give us a call.

Water Monitoring

For those who like saving money and minimizing water waste, we provide an ongoing water monitoring service. Through preset visits, we’ll ensure your sprinkler system is running as efficiently as possible. Let us set up a schedule that works for you.

Sprinkler Start Up

After a long winter of hibernation, it helps to ensure your sprinkles are in tip-top shape. Take the guessing game out of your annual sprinkler start up, and let our experts handle it. We’ll turn your water back on, run through your system, and make any adjustments needed. Piece of cake.



Feeling buried in weeds and debris? With a mile long to-do list, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We have mastered the art of clean up with our spring clean packages, trash and debris removal services, and more. Commercial to residential – we take care of it all. Leave it to the pros, you have better things to do.

Spring Clean Up

Spring cleaning…everyone hates it, but it has to be done. You have enough to deal with inside your home. Let us tackle the outside with our Spring Clean Up Service. We provide raking, weeding, mowing, trimming, debris removal, and more.

Bare Ground Weed Control

Looking to keep bare ground bare? Weeds and grass can quickly sprout up and takeover without a pre-emergent spray. Unlike some other pre-emergent herbicides, ours won’t harm existing plants or trees. Let us help you get rid of unwanted grass and weeds, safely.


Without the right tools and technique, pulling weeds correctly is time-intensive, back breaking work. But, it is the most immediate, effective way of removing them from your flower beds. Let us do it for you. We’re happy to remove these trespassers, roots and all.


Trash and Debris Removal

Nothing devalues your property like unsightly debris. When your pick-up job outgrows your trashcan, we’re here to help. From parking lots, to apartment complexes, to your own personal yard, we serve them all. Let us pick up, remove, and blow your space clean.

General Clean Up

You have enough to deal with inside your home. Let us tackle the outside with our General Clean Up Service. We provide raking, weeding, mowing, trimming, debris removal, and more – any time of year.



Whether you have a newly built home or need a backyard makeover, we can make your landscape vision a reality. We have industry leading tools to assist in the design process and personal knowledge of the plants and trees that thrive in the Idaho climate. From sod and seed to outdoor living spaces, we do it all. Let us create the yard of your dreams.

Irrigation Installation and Repairs

Don’t get lost in the maze of complexity when installing or repairing your irrigation system. From houses to commercial buildings, our experts are familiar with even the most complex systems. Let us navigate it for you, and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

Ground and Dirt Work

We love to play in the dirt. Born and raised in Fruitland, we’re what you call “hands-on experts” when it comes to Idaho’s unique soil. Whether it’s excavating, shaping, leveling, or grading; we dig it all.

Sod and Seed

Whether you need us to roll it out or sow it, we are your sod and seed professionals. Connoisseurs of our craft, we provide only top-grade sod and seed. Purchase your sod elsewhere? No worries – we’re happy to help you install it. To ensure your lawn is set up for success, we automatically include two mows and two lawn sprays with your service.


Tree and Shrub Planting

The benefits of planting trees and shrubs are endless:, improved air quality, increased property values, reduced erosion, added insulation, and more. From native to exotic varieties, we’ll provide insight on proper care and planting technique in the Idaho climate. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to planting.

New Construction

A house doesn’t become a home until the yard is complete. It’s the first and last thing you’ll see every time you open the front door. Own a business needing updated landscaping? We’ve got that covered too. No matter the idea, you can count on us to help you design and implement your dream landscape.

Outdoor Living Space

Ever wish you didn’t have to leave the beauty of the outdoors? With our outdoor living concepts you don’t have to. Whether it’s outdoor kitchens, built-in-seating, BBQ stations, or firepits; we’re here to assist your custom needs.


Paver Patios and Walkways

We believe in beauty and function when it comes to designing and installing paver patios and walkways. Unlike concrete, pavers won’t crack over time and can better withstand the weather – making them a great cost investment. By offering a variety of colors and patterns, we can create something that’s truly yours.

Retaining Walls

There are many reasons to build a retaining wall: preventing erosion, stabilizing a sloped yard, framing your flowerbeds, etc. While the look and design is important, proper engineering is fundamental. Because of this, we use an interlocking, fiberglass pin system to ensure ultimate retainment. Let us show you what we can build.

Backyard Makeover

We’re a sucker for a great makeover, and yards are our favorite. From grand to budget friendly, we do it all. No matter the current state of your yard, we’re here to help. Life’s too short not to love your yard.


“Lawn Keeper has amazing customer service. Their services are prompt and the staff is very friendly and easy to work with. The scheduled sprays are very convenient and keep my lawn looking nice and green.”

Ben J – Fruitland, ID

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your spray service. It is very windy in Kuna and we have a horrible problem with dandelions in our subdivision. Since using your spray service I haven’t had a single dandelion and have the best looking lawn on the block. Thank you very much!”

Anthony J – Kuna, ID

“A great company that puts customer satisfaction first. Awesome owner and management, the employees are very courteous, work hard and are the best at what they do! Top notch company that I would recommend to family and friends!

Doug S – Fruitland, ID


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