Platinum Lawn Spray Package w/Pest Control Add-On

$46.99 / month


Early Spring Application

Balanced fertilization of continuous feeding plus broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass and spurge

Late Spring Application

Balanced fertilization for continuous feeding, broadleaf, and bill-bug grub prevention

Summer Application

Application of slow release fertilizer plus potassium broadleaf weed control, and insect control as needed

Late Summer Application

Balanced fertilization for the fall beauty including broadleaf weed control

Fall Application

Application of fertilizer to help the turf survive the winter stress.   This also leads to early spring green up of the turf

Core Aeration

The benefits are thatch reduction and opening compacted areas to allow better penetration of water, fertilizer, and insecticides.

Sulfur Application

This treatment will help lower the PH of the soil and allow for a better response to fertilizers

Pest Control

Quarterly treatments to prevent indoor and outdoor pests


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