How Often Should I Water ?

As temperatures rise during May it is important to follow a few watering guidelines.

How often you water and for how long depend on many factors such as type of soil, sun exposure, length of lawn, type of lawn, age of lawn, sprinkler system, nozzles…it is exhausting!

How often and for how long you water is going to have to be decided by you through trial and error as you become familiar with your property but a couple things that should always remain the same are time of day and timing of mowing around water schedule.

Time of Day:

Water your lawn in the early a.m. hours and time the length of sprinkler zone run time with the amount of zones you have so that they do not run after 9am when possible. Starting your watering around 1am allows the ground temperature to be low so that you have less chance of fungus growth as well as the water absorbs slower into the ground which means you can use less water. Also, by not running during the day you do not lose water from evaporation.

Mowing Schedule:

Try to mow your lawn the same day every week so your lawn is not too tall which can cause damage to the plant and take more of your valuable time. Also, do not run the water the day of mowing and the day prior. This will allow for the grass to dry out slightly to make for an easier and tighter cut. Another benefit to this is lowering the risk of leaving ruts from your mower over time.

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